Cose Dolce

Butta la pasta

Walk and Talk
Camina e parla

Sweet Sweet sweet 

Sweet Things

E’Cotto ?
La Pasta

Non ancora

Fra 4 minute , In the meantime, Listen to  song

Ascolta un alto cannone (no canzone)

Mai sentito questo versione in vita mia

Never heard this version

The Way That Young Lovers Do 


La Pasta ?



Back to reality

Just like a woman 

Then Some Irish Music

Some Danny Boy or LondonDerry Air



Willie and the Weed

She Is Gone

80 years old and still going strong

I’m going to buy me a guitar,learn,practise,to keep me occupied, ease the pain,distraction,ecc………..
Never will get like Wille (  ++++++++++++++ millions of others)

No problem,life goes on

A Young Willie 1962

Rare rare rare and fabulous

According to me this is fantastic

the story of To All The Girls…

Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain

My Own Peculiar Way

A comment on Youtube by john clarke

WOW Mr Nelson is a pure American Legend. As he should be. I loved how Ms Harris looked at Willie to see when he was going to a line. Willie is always 1/4 ahead of or 1/4 behind the beat.

The Harder They Come

to be continued………………………..



I need a woman like I need a sore headUN-Women-Ad-4_495x700%20jpg[1]
Don’t need a sore head
Too much wine gives you a sore head
Women give you a sore head

I need a woman in my life, lost without them.
They break your balls, ask impossibile things, get mad, treat you bad ecc….
I once said never another woman, wanted to be woman free………..

My mother was my first woman.
My girlfriends were all women
My wife was a woman
Most of my friends at work are or were women.
Some of my best friends are women
My dog is a woman dog (Bitch)
I need a woman in my life
Maybe it’s just madness or sadness
Someone to tell me to:
Fuck off
Wise up
I hate you
I love you
Go fuck yourself

I need a woman
Not to do the housework
Not to cook and sew
These things I all can do

Bob Dylan

“Need a woman”

Searching for the truth the way God designed it
The truth is I might drown before I find it

Well I need a woman, yes I do
Need a woman, yes I do
Someone who can see me as I am
Somebody who just don’t give a damn
Well I need a woman, just to be my queen
Need a woman, know what I mean?

I Smell Trouble;

Don’t Want No Woman