Talking, Parlando

“A to Z ” go back there, tornare indietro

“Z to A ” go back there, tornare indietro

Back to “A to Z” again repeating,continua

e la Santa Maria non c’entra un cazzo in questo storia
Saint Mary is’nt involved in this story

Just talking 
After 12 kilometres, tired, stanco

Sun shining,breezes,nice day, a drop of rain,nice day
Sole,brezzi,bella giornata,un giocio di poggia,forse due
Looking at the sea, cool clear blue sea,crystal clear
Guardando il mare, fresco,chiaro,bello,pulito

36803-1[1]Intremezzo di relax, sitting, reflecting,peace, sea caffe

Ma parlando, Talking
About everything , About nothing
Di tutto e di più

With pleasant silences
Con silenzi piacevoli


Willie explains it better


Willie and the Weed

She Is Gone

80 years old and still going strong

I’m going to buy me a guitar,learn,practise,to keep me occupied, ease the pain,distraction,ecc………..
Never will get like Wille (  ++++++++++++++ millions of others)

No problem,life goes on

A Young Willie 1962

Rare rare rare and fabulous

According to me this is fantastic

the story of To All The Girls…

Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain

My Own Peculiar Way

A comment on Youtube by john clarke

WOW Mr Nelson is a pure American Legend. As he should be. I loved how Ms Harris looked at Willie to see when he was going to a line. Willie is always 1/4 ahead of or 1/4 behind the beat.

The Harder They Come

to be continued………………………..


Scemo, Scemo, Scemo e ………… Scemo

A Story told in music



What does it mean ?
It means as written above, and maybe out of my head

Gotta start with Van being himself telling the guy/girl to keep quiet (Very Politely)
Then the music begins
As the guys said

Into The Mystic

I’ll never smoke weed with willie again

He’s a liar
I’m a liar
Now I’ll look for song to reflect the mood or a poem
Who know’s wat I’ll find
Found Found Found (not yet too early)
Gonna buy me a guitar and learn to play, time time time………………

and the dog is producing natural gas , pazienza


Turn on the light,electric


Gone back to Heaven

Call me up in dreamland

Get the message to me

Vanlose Stairway

Warm Love 

Willie on the weed again

And It Stoned Me 

then back to work

Cleaning Windows

Gone back to Heaven

Call me up in dreamland

Get the message to me