a six pack and a few joints

Doors,Windows,Walls,Ceilings………………..Walls to climb


Night Time

Hello Wall

Comment from Javier Virgen via Google+

Hello walls, (Hello, hello.)
How’d things go for you today?
Don’t you miss her.
Since she up and walked away?
And I’ll bet you dread to spend another lonely night with me,
But lonely walls, I’ll keep you company.Hello window, (Hello, hello.)
Well, I see that you’re still here.
Aren’t you lonely,
Since our darlin disappeared?
Well look here, is that a teardrop in the corner of your pane?
Now don’t you try to tell me that’s it’s rain.She went away and left us all alone the way she planned.
Guess we’ll have to learn to get along without her if we can.

Hello ceiling, (Hello, hello.)
I’m gonna stare at you a while.
You know I can’t sleep,
So won’t you bear with me a while?
We gotta all stick together or else I’ll lose my mind.
I gotta feelin’ she’ll be gone a long, long time.

(Hello, hello wall.)

Miracles- Yesterdays Wine, Ageing with time

We Had It All

Tick Tock goes the clock

Sitting in Silence and the Clock Ticks

Tick Tock ,Tick Tock ,Tick Tock ………………………………………m4ojkItlpSZZQjbDjVZsgDg[1]

Looking around me in the kitchen, the clock ticks but the hands don’t move, at least it’s right twice a day.

_funlife_Free_Shipping_30_28cm_11_81_11_02in_Fashion_Creative_Clock_Cat_Catch_Fish_in_the_Aquarium_Wall_Clock_for_Kids.jpg_200x200[1]The clock is round with a cat hanging on to it, the pendulum is a little mouse,it goes like a metronomo. I’m physicaly and mentaly exausted. Need to rest a little, will go and lie down. (Can’t find the exact image)


Burnt Out

A few years back we bought a small house 65mq on the hills of Genoa,with a great view. I restructured the whole place on my own. Only a fool would do it, but I did it.

enthusiasm-concept-25321629[1]A hard hard hard job, but done with joy and enthusiasm. The took me about 5 years, spare time,weekends,holidays,ecc. Lorry loads of debris, and other lorry loads of sand,cement and lime.

Had no building,renovating  experience before,  but took of all the plaster 4/5 inches in places and put it back up again.

Because the structural walls were stone some about a meter wide, the only way to straighten walls was with the plaster (Sand,Lime, and very little cement).

First wall that I did is still crooked, but at the end I got great straight walls, perfectly finished. My friend Tonino O’Napolitano give me advice on certain matters, considered the advice and sometimes took it or did it my own way.

Nitro Glycerine.

Talking to another may who had house there and some land with horses, stables finer than a house (the man had lots of money and only did it for a hobby, he was a carburator expert) he told me that during the war the fighter pilots when in combat could use Nitro glycerine to have an engine boost but only for a very very short time, if used continiously the engine would burn out.

He said go easy or you’ll Burn Out.

A view from the window of the house (San Pantaleo Genoa)