Reality – We are part of God

Life is strange.

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We are much more than what we appear to be. We base our perception of ourselves on what we see in the mirror. This physical perception is reinforced by society, our schools, and even our religions. We are alone, we think, fending off the wolves who would devour us and clinging to those who offer us support and loving care. Lord Jesus, Mother Mary, Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha, Mohammed, Zoarastra, etc. are thought of as Prophets or Saviors of Mankind who exist somewhere out there. When we pray to Them, we hope they can hear us out there and will come to our rescue when we need Them to save us from some dire situation. God is typically viewed as a Father figure, often depicted as a very muscular looking old man with a long white beard who is sitting on a throne in Heaven. Many religions reinforce this view of separation. Little, insignificant Us and big, powerful Them. Of course, many religions also teach us that their anointed representatives are necessary middlemen required to represent our interests before God, sort of like metaphysical lawyers. And you know how beneficial and necessary lawyers are, don’t you?

I’m being a little facetious, but I’m trying to get across the point that a fundamental misdirection has been taught by many organized religions that was never taught by the Founder of that religion. This misdirection did not come about by accident. It was intentional. It is the work of men who sought to gather power and privilege to themselves using the pretext of being earthly representatives of God. The purpose was to create a hierarchy of controlling elites at the top and the “‘followers” down below who were expected to pay the bills. A similar hierarchy evolved in the secular world with the idea of kingship/royalty and their “subjects” who again, were expected to pay (in some manner) for the privilege of being ruled and controlled. The true teachings of Christ and many other great spiritual teachers of antiquity were twisted and distorted by these elites desiring to create a paradigm of control and obedience to them. This is not what Christ taught or wanted. Jesus said that “The Kingdom of God is Within”. And so it is.

What did He mean? He meant that God exists within us at all times. We are part of God. We are not separated from God. We don’t have to go looking for Him because we already have Him within every molecule and atom of our being. In fact, none of us are truly separate from each other. It only appears that way. It’s an illusion, although it’s hard to accept that from our limited perspective. We are all part of God and God pervades everything. He is All That Is.

Now once you start to realize that, doors begin to open. You no longer feel so alone and fearful. You aren’t battling the Dark Forces of the universe by yourself, you now realize, but rather you have a great deal of help and support at your disposal. You are a part of God and God is a part of you.. You are an integral part of a greater Reality. A Divine Nature dwells within you since you are born of the Father and the Father is Divinity itself. Therefore, you have friends in very high places. The ancient Hindu scriptures wrote of these truths eons ago.

If you study the writings of yoga masters, you will come across the concept of Athman (Atman), or the Godhead figure within. The Soul and Atman are not exactly the same, but the Atman exist within the Soul. The Soul still retains the outer mantle of sense perception and carries the karmic baggage of previous lives. The Atman is completely detached and free of all sense desires or aversions. It is possible to perceive and experience the Atman while in this physical life. When you do, you are free. You can experience total bliss that will exceed anything your imagination can conjure.You will never view the world and its turmoil and triumphs in the same way, ever again.



Alla Maria, vergine,santa,donna,erba, chi sa
To the Mary, vergin,saint,woman,grass, who knows

Nobody Knows, Nessun sa

Start at about 7:35 or wait a few seconds,aspetta pochi scondi
Can’t get it working in the code, non riesco a farlo a questo momento

Again from Mr. John Lee Hooker

Never heard this song before or the video
Listen to it all……………

Mai sentito questo canzone e video prima
Ma ascolta il tutto……………

Enjoy,Relax,Chill out,Cool down

Life explained simply

La vita spiegata sempliceamente

Godere,Rilassa,La pasta è cotto

Soul,Blues,Jazz – Soul – Anima

Music – Like it or lump it

Random Thoughts

Don’t need no Fracking or Freeking for gas

Dog  Sleeping and Farting -Pure Methane 

Memories from  the remains of a brain

So Doggone Lonesome 

In the Midnight Hour

You Send Me

I’ve Been Loving You Too Long

Pain in My Heart

Bring it on home to me

My Girl

Stand By Me

Knock On Wood

These arms of mine

Duane Allman – Wilson Pickett’s “Hey Jude”



10:06 A beautiful day – Sun Shining

Refound Love (Everlasting)

And I’m crying or  (I’m tired Joey boy)

I’m tired Joey Boy
While you’re out with the sheep
My life is so troubled
Now I can’t go to sleep
I would walk myself out
But the streets are so dark
I shall wait till the morning
And walk in the park


the list is loooooooooooooooooong

And I’m crying

This morning at about eight o’clock looking out from the kitchen door about 25° in the sun.

A clear clear day, not a cloud was in the sky, Beautiful day
The  night, the day………..
Went to bed early for me in this period about 1:30 in the morning
Slept good until  6:30

Woke up ,wee……….d, smoked a cigarette, back to bed, and sleep

I’ve got two ears, right one completely deaf,left one good.

Sleeping with my good ear on the listen. (My tune on the phone music by  Lyst)

7:56 ,  phone rings. I’m sleepy……..
Hello, I’m the chief nurse of the hospice “The situation is deteorating rapidly, do you want to come or inform your son
Got up, dazed, caffe, cigarette, went down to the cellar, pack of beer Moretti Red 7° , drunk one
Some caffe, with sugar and milk, walked around, fed the dog, cleaned up the dogs shit in the garden.

The  dog is happy (at least some one is happy).

My wife’s sister still sleeping, went to bed at 9 o’clock yesterday evening, tired, resting………….
Got her up, coffee for her, shower for her …TAXI
Taxi came, woman driver… Maarigliano San Martiino Grazie
Nice woman, pleasant conversation, what day is today ?

Tuesday, No today is Thursday……

Conversation, laughts, talked about everything her sons, our son, viaggi ecc…………….

Tamara; A nice nurse (and competent compotenza,+understanding), more than nice she is capable (I don’t know how the personnel from the cleaning lady up to the head doctor cope, every one leaves in una barella.

Every patient goes out in a streacher, no healing, (Got to dull the pain)
Kissed my wife, maybe some look of  joy in her eyes. poco (I dunn……….), maybe she knew me again ?
Love ritrovato (refound -Back to the roots)
Talked to doctors, nurses
Phoned our son, (Arrivo subito 30 miles away)

9:30 Maybe Hours,Days, dunno

At the bedsude Valeria watching said “Maybe it’s over

It’s over,one more kiss, bliss

Can’t stand it , calm

Take the body to the morgue

Our son (Sunshine came…….Tears,Regrets,Maybe should have called him sooner


As Bugs Bunny said “That’s all for now folks”


Pizza for all, I asked for Irish Whisky, Valeria brought Jack Daniels……..Dazed
Saleswoman from the funeral services Federica
Nice woman 2 kids
Bury in the ground 10 years, and then we’ll see……………

Lost lost, saw my wife  Room N° 12
Rang a door bell
Opened by a man who seemed like a butcher Frankenstein (Junior/Senior/Butcher) dressed in blue
Two men came, dressed my wife (she”s cold)

Tomorow Yellow Rose earings (Clip ons, don’t want no blood – Them)

Put on the dishwasher after 2 months, washed by hand in the last few weeks

Bonarda, lovely Italian frizzzy wine, drink it like sasparilla or lemonade,wake up with a sore head

To be continued ……………………………………..

Not forgetting

Wonderful Eyes