All Wired Up

A Genius, A Gentleman, and anche Irish (Roots)

Shane MacGowan

A Genius, A Gentleman, and anche Irish (Roots)

If I Should Fall From Grace

Se la grazia mi potrebbe lasciarmi

For me this was said

“Un idealista portata all’estremo”


All wired up

wirednextgen[1]This evening by friend from about45 odd years ago and still close close friends after 45 years, a girlfriend, friend,a lover

An Irish Girl, very pratical, and

She knows me  DOWN TO MY SOUL and me  DOWN TO HER SOUL

John “You’ve always been ‘All wired up'”

She writes

Chill Out

“John you have always been  such a wired up sort  person
You just need to to chill out “

An Irish Expression
Diifcult to translate into
my only know languages English,Italian

But maybe some will be able it into word,maybe me

Maybe it’s all wound up

Wound up to tight

Need for realease ?

gratitude-rainbowspiral1[1]Begin Here and go ahead

Chill out