Ulster Unionism, Sustained By The Politics Of Appeasement

in essence, an anti-democratic and fascistic hangover of early 20th century Europe.


At the start of the twentieth century a majority of voters on the island of Ireland in the referendum-style general election of 1918 supported the pro-independence “Nationalist” side. A minority of voters on the island supported the anti-independence “Unionist” side. However, unionists refused to accept the outcome of the 1918 plebiscite-election and insisted that the democratic mandate of the electorate on the island of Ireland was subordinate to that of an anti-independence minority in the north-east of the island.

A majority of voters on the island of Ireland in the referendum-style local elections of 1920 supported the pro-independence “Nationalist” side. A minority of voters on the island supported the anti-independence “Unionist” side. However, unionists refused to accept the outcome of the 1920 plebiscite-elections and insisted that the democratic mandate of the electorate on the island of Ireland was subordinate to that of an anti-independence minority in the north-east of the island.

A majority of voters on the…

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Nice One, Rose!

Current Affairs in Ireland

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Speaking in the Seanad today,

Image result for Rose Conway-WalshSinn Féin Senator Rose Conway-Walsh  from Mayo called for a debate on the economics of Irish Unity

Comment: She  no doubt agreed with these short  videos 

Senator Conway-Walsh  said:

I want to ask for a debate in this House and to invite the Minister for Finance Michael Noonan to discuss the economic realities of Irish Unity.

“ The Civil Service in this State has never properly prepared for even the possibility of unity on this island. There has never been a Green Paper on Irish Unity produced by the government of this State, despite promises to do so“.

Image result for shame on youComment: she could have added  remember  these children?

This year we are celebrating 100 years of“cherishing all of the children of the nation equally, and oblivious of the differences carefully fostered by an alien Government, which have divided a minority from the majority…

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The Daily Beast Reviews The Bobby Sands’ Documentary Through British Eyes

the true history of Ireland’s British troubles.


For well over a century it has been the common practice of the American press to employ correspondents from the United Kingdom, either resident there or in the United States, to report or comment on the current or historical affairs of Ireland. This was particularly true during the three decades of Irish insurgency and British counter-insurgency in the UK-administrated north-east of the island. As one might expect, the news reports filed under this editorial preference in the 1970s, ’80s and 1990s was rarely free of bias or partisan sentiment since they largely reflected the personal opinions of one side in a centuries-old struggle against colonial occupation. Namely, that of the occupier.

Compounding the lack of impartiality by Britain’s correspondents was the fact that many men and women working in the newsrooms of the US found it easier to understand and empathise with the UK’s deliberately simplistic presentation of the “Long War than with the historically…

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Have a read …..

The Universal Fusionist

The Hebrew “Christian” Bible is full of propaganda and lies, that is why you have people writing about contradictions within it. I have no issue whoever you worship, or not, but I personally believe that weren’t all the mature grown ups tell us to read the fine print first? As someone who has served in a Christian ministry a long time ago, I had to follow my heart, and get out of it. When people who call themselves pastors or priests, who are in charge to feed and lead the flock, and do not have solid understanding of historical context, or facts for that matter, it behooved me to search for the answers myself and get them confirmed. Much of what I know now have made me go neutral. Of course, the other issue is if you truly worship a true Holy “God”, then don’t be a hypocrite and mandate…

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Hillary Clinton, The Spirit Cooking Satanist Candidate For President!

AmeriKa …….
Land of hope and glory ………..


Just when you think that the US presidential election has reached its absolute nadir,that there areno further levels of insanitythat the contest for the White House can sink to, the American alt-right proves one wrongby accusing the confidants of Hillary Clinton of practising something called “Spirit Cooking“, asupposed “satanic ritual” requiring the consumption ofpig’s blood, human semen and breast milk. Yes, it’s crazy, and you’d have to be a bible-chewingfundamentalist Tumpist par excellenceto give it any credencewhatsoever butover the last forty-eight hours the claimhasgrown into an actual thingon the semi-respectable fringes of US conservatism. Beginning with an out-of-context posting by Wikileaks of yet another hacked email from the Gmailaccount of John Podesta, a senior Clinton campaign staffer, the extreme right-wing commentariat in the United States has embracedits bat-shit craziness like never before. For those of you who keep a weather eye on…

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NAMA – Miskelly, Miss Out

Meanwhile back on Norn Iron …..

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If you misssed the BBC Spotlight programme on NAMA

This is your chance to watch how Frank Cushnahan  . . .

Image result for Frank CushnahanWho’s he?

st malachy's

Wheeler dealer extraordinaire, a past pupil of St Malachy’s College Belfast, he’s a man with his fingers 

Image result for fingers in piein every conceivable pie in Northern Ireland.

He was awarded the CBE for services to NI’s economy in 2001.

He was  well-known and well-in with every political party in Stormont. 

stormont clouds

Former jobs include:

*Director of the Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister.

*Chair of OFMDFM’s Audit and Corporate Governance Committee;

*Chair of the ministerial advisory panel to Stormont’s Performance and Efficiency Delivery Unit;

*Panel member of its Capital Realisation Taskforce.

*Chairman of Belfast Harbour Commissioners, WineFlair (NI) Ltd,

*Ex-director of the Northern Ireland Science Park Trust Foundation.

*Non-executive member of the Northern Ireland Housing Executive’s audit committee

*Chairman of the now defunct housing maintenance company Red Sky.

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Guide to surviving Féile

Áine Carson

Féile an Phobail – or Festival of the People if you’re one of themmuns has been on the go since 1988.  It was set up as an alternative to emptying your house of all the shite of the day and burning it at the end of your street to celebrate the end of Internment.  The festival covers a whole range of activities from music, literature, drama and sports.

It starts earlier every year because as well as being a cushy money making scheme, it attracts bigger acts and arty farty types with packed diaries.

The festival takes place in venues all over West Belfast with the main 5,000 capacity marquee smack bang in the middle of the Falls Park.

Che-Guevara-Grey-Printed-Round-Neck-T-Shirts-3847-310419-1-pdp_slider_mWhat to wear

  • If you’re a woman going to the marquee, you must head to Primark and stock up on the flowery things the wee girls are wearing on their heads…

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Artist of the moment………..photographer Dorothea Lange

Steinback country …..
The depression ……..

Diattaart Blog

Dorothea Lange was an American photographer was renown for his images of the Great Depression era. Dorothea Lange was born in Hoboken, New Jersey in the year 1895. Her most famous works deal with migrant workers and

Lange had a difficult childhood as her father abandoned the family. She also was a victim of the disease polio. This caused her to have weak legs and she walked with permanent limp.

The artist attended Columbia University located in New York City where she studied photography. After college was able to work in the studios of many famous photographers.

Lange worked for the government program (F.S.A.) at the Farm Security Administration.

Talk about an artistic husband and wife duo, Dorothea Lange was married to American western painter Maynard Dixon. The couple had two children. After the couple divorced Lange married an economics professor. Lange and the professor travelled about the country and…

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