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The newspapers are rubbish

From Beppe Grillo’s Blog

The newspapers are rubbish! Please: be curious. Please look at what’s behind what you hear in the news programmes. Because everything that you know is false and the truth is what you don’t know!” Beppe Grillo

Spin-doctor Tricks

“Sorry. I can’t stand this any more. I can’t stand it! The M5S cannot allow itself to lose the elections fighting the reality mystificators. It can’t! You have to become journalists for yourselves and hang upside down and look at the news from the opposite angle, because it’s not OK to read this stuff here! By now, there’s just one big lie. Parliament is promoting its own lie and the newspapers and other communication channels including the TV are putting out their own lies.
Now the abolition of the provinces is in all the newspapers: “abolish the provinces“.That’s not true. From when we started out, we’ve never put forward candidates for the provinces. Never! We never put forward candidates because we want to abolish the provinces. The only constitutional law that has been presented in Parliament was put forward by us! Go and read it! Nobody’s talking about it! You’re abolishing the provinces?! That’s not true. They are shamefully creating mystification about this, with all the newspapers and the journalists on their side!
The number of people in the town councils will increase by 26,500. They’re taking away the provinces and offloading all the people onto the towns. The departments in the town will grow by 5,000! And then there’s this puppet that goes round and round saying …. This is how it goes: they say “abolish the provinces”, then they go out into the streets and say that the only ones that voted against are the “grillini” {Grillo’s people}. Get it? Their story’s not true. You have to think about reality in a different way! Obama comes to Italy and goes to meet the Pope to get a few photos. He came here because he was worried about our reducing military spending on the F35 bombers. He came here to talk about this. And Napolitano immediately went to speak on TV to say we have to spend less! Obama came here to sell us his shale gas that he’s discovered will last for 100 years. And the biggest reserve in he world, one of the biggest is in Israel!
He came here to do furtive deals with his economy and we stay silent. No one squeaks! All stuff like that! It’s not possible! So I throw myself from the window. We all throw ourselves from the window. What’s to be done?! The game is being played out on an uneven playing field! We cannot think that lying is going to win everything….

I want you to rebel! We’ll take countermeasures. We’ll get a bus, a camper and we’ll put a gigantic loudspeaker on top and we’ll get there and sow the seeds of reality. In all these years I’ve shown you that I’ve never lied. We don’t want to be part of a coalition and we haven’t done that. We want them all to go home and we’ll send them home.
Now we’re going to Europe to change Italy from there. We’re going there and we’re going to get rid of the Fiscal Compact, get rid of the European Stability Mechanism (ESM), and get rid of the idea of a balanced budget to be sanctioned by the Constitution. If it doesn’t go well, then we’ll talk about spreading the debt, about eurobonds, and we’ll have a referendum on the Euro! And if we leave the Euro, it’ll have been the decision of the Italian people!

The Five Star Movement

An Introduction to the Five Star Movement 

Grillo and Casaleggio understood Italians’ need for something different. And everything about 5-Star is different.

Beppe Grillo
Beppe Grillo

A bit of their story:

The Founder

 Giuseppe Piero “Beppe” Grillo born 21 July 1948  is an Italian Comedian,actor,blogger and political activist . He has been involved in political activity since 2009.

His  performances began to display an increasing level of political satire, often expressed in such a direct way that he rapidly offended some Italian politicians. In 1987 during the Saturday night TV show Fantastico 7, he attacked the Italian Socialist Party and its leader Bettino Craxi, then Italy’s Prime Minister, on the occasion of his visit to the Peoples Rebublic of China (PRC).
The joke was:

A member of the Italian Socialist Party asked Craxi:
“If the Chinese are all socialists, who do they steal from”?

The joke alluded to the totalitarianism of the PRC, but even more to the widespread corruption for which the Italian Socialist Party was known.

As a consequence, Grillo was effectively banished from publicly owned television. He was vindicated a few years later when the Italian Socialist Party had to be disbanded in a welter of corruption scandals known as Tangentopoli, uncovered by the Mani pulite  (Clean Hands) investigation . Craxi himself died in Tunisia , unable to return to Italy where he would have been jailed on several convictions.

Grillo maintains a blog ( in Italian, English, and Japanese) at which is updated daily.

He is an ecologist with a largely left-wing platform based on attacking privilege, redistributing wealth, increasing public control of schools and healthcare, and cutting spending on defence. He believes in more direct democracy using referendums and the Internet and wants new laws to clean up politics.

 V‑Day Celebration – “V”  for vaffanculo (“fuck off“)

Grillo has spearheaded several national and international political campaigns. On 8 September 2007, he organized his first  “V‑Day Celebration” in Italy; the “V” stood for vaffanculo (“fuck off“). During the rally, Grillo projected the names of two dozen Italian politicians who had been convicted of crimes ranging from corruption and tax evasion to abetting a murder. More than 2 million Italians participated in this rally. Grillo also used the rally to urge Italians to sign a petition calling for the introduction of a “Bill of Popular Initiative” to remove from office Italian parliamentarians with criminal convictions.

Below is the list of names of Italian representatives in the Italian and European Parliaments that have been convicted of a crime: Check The List



On March 2013 Der Spiegel called Grillo as “The most dangerous man in Europe”, accusing him to be fascist and populist.
Accusations of undemocratic and even despotic behavior have since grown more frequent, as a number of members of parliament deemed unfit by Grillo were ousted from the movement.


The Guru

Casaleggio-il-santone-di-Grillo_h_partb[1] grillo-casaleggio-papa-242405[1]


“A single man in command is not democracy,” said Pier Luigi Bersani after his Democratic Party (PD) was beaten into second place in the vote. “Behind Bersani is the PD, I want to know what is behind Grillo.”

The answer is Casaleggio, and his Milan-based firm Casaleggio Associates whose business is to create websites and web-based marketing campaigns for clients.

Gianroberto Casaleggio born 14 August 1954 is an Italian entrepreneur andpolitical activist.
He is co-founder and chairman of Casaleggio Associati srl, an internet and publishing company that advises on network strategies, and editor of Beppe Grillo’s blog. He is also co-founder, with Beppe Grillo, of the Five Star Movement Five Star Movement, of which he is sometimes called “guru”.

The two men met in 2004 and the following year Casaleggio’s company created Grillo’s hugely successful blog. Casaleggio has been running Grillo’s public activities ever since. They are joint founders of the 5-Star Movement.


In the Five Star Movement converge themes derived from ecological and anti-particracy promoting the direct participation of citizens in the management of public affairs through forms of digital democracy. The Movement wants to be a “democratic encounter outside of party and associative ties and without the mediation of directive or representational organisms, recognising to all users of the Internet the role of government and direction that is normally attributed to a few”.

From the economic point of view, embraces the theories of degrowth supporting the creation of “green jobs” and the rejection of polluting and expensive “great works”, including incinerators, aiming to an overall better quality of life and greater social justice. The Movement 5 Star proposes the adoption of large-scale energy projects, elimination of waste, sustainable mobility, protection of territory from overbuilding, teleworking.
In one of the best debut performances by any party in Western Europe since World War Two, 5-Star took 26 percent of the vote, outstripping the PD and Silvio Berlusconi’s centre-right People of Freedom.

To launch his party’s campaign for elections in Sicily last year he swam the Straits of Messina, a treacherous 3 km (2 mile) stretch of water that separates the island from mainland Italy.

Grillo and Casaleggio understood Italians’ need for something different. And everything about 5-Star is different.


“Unless the other parties change their leaders and somehow get back in touch with ordinary people he can certainly keep on growing,” said Elisabetta Gualmini, politics professor at the University of Bologna and a close observer of Grillo’s movement.

Some commentators have compared Grillo to Mussolini, seeing similar personality cults, the same vitriolic attacks on opponents and their common rejection of traditional parties.

While most of Grillo’s policies are light years away from those of the wartime dictator he, like Mussolini, possesses a rare charisma and an energy that belies his 64 years.

It is the only party that refuses state financing and its elected representatives have all voluntarily slashed their salaries. Its members never appear on television talk shows, it communicates almost exclusively through Grillo’s blog , and it refuses to form alliances with other parties.