The Paradise Papers And The Intricate Tax-Affairs Of Irish Celebrities

The poor people pay …


I must confess that I have yet to watch an episode of the joint BBC-RTÉ co-production,Mrs. Brown’s Boys, a bawdy sitcom popular with television audiences in Britain and Ireland – and despised by TV critics in both countries. Nor have I seen any of the ribald stand-up comedy work of the show’s creator, the frenetic Brendan O’Carroll. That said, I’m certainly aware of the show and its pop-culture successes, from the small screen to the big screen; not to mention theatrical and literary spin-offs. Unlike many others, though, I have no negative feelings about the Dublin entertainer and his career, or his habit of employing close family members in his showbiz productions. If anything, I admire his generosity in spreading some well-earned late-life success around those who supported him down through the years. These include his wife, Jennifer, three offspring, Daniel, Fiona and Eric, and their spouses and…

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