The SDLP And Colum Eastwood: Make Me Green, But Not Just Yet

being a half-nationalist is as credible as being a half-virgin


So is it Colum Eastwood, the SDLP leader, or the members of the press who are sending mixed messages on the regional party’s attitude to the post-Brexit calls for a reunification referendum? From a short piece by the Irish Examiner:

“Colum Eastwood has said that the reunification of Ireland is “the biggest and best idea around” adding that it would be a “natural” way forward in the context of Britain leaving the EU.

His comments come after Enda Kenny this week opened up the possibility of a border poll in the context of Brexit negotiations.

Mr Eastwood, who was speaking in Glenties this morning said: “Much of the headline talk at MacGill this week has focused on the prospect of a further constitutional change through the calling of a border poll.

This is a natural and welcome development.”

He told those attending the summer school that the events of the past few…

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