Month: November 2015

All you ever wanted to know about ISIS/ISIL/Daesh . . .



 . . . . And never dared ask!!!


What is it?

A fanatical religious entity with an extremist, fundamentalist ideology

A well-resourced terrorist group that controls substantial territory

A fledgling nation-state i.e. a divinely-protected caliphate

Comment: So many Muslims support it because it encompasses all of the above

Does it really appeal to so many?
Whatever polls are taken, from Pakistan to the UK,  it seems that a minority within all groups of Muslims   support jihadists and desire Sharia law.

What’s wrong with Sharia law?

The European Court of Human Rights declared that “sharia is incompatible with the fundamental principles of democracy.”


Because it diverges so much from Western principles “particularly with regard to its criminal law and criminal procedure, its rules on the legal status of women and the way it intervenes in all spheres of private and public life in accordance with religious precepts.”

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What’s next, UK?


David-Cameron 10

Prime Minister David Cameron advocates joining the US/French  bombing campaign in Syria.

This would be the 4th UK war since the turn of the century

dodds orangeman
Certainly, sir” says Nigel Dodds, DUP Leader at Westminster

corbyn 2
“No”says Jeremy Corbyn, Labour Party Leader, who is busy  rallying support against the  war

SNP and Plaid Cymru agree.

snp logo

Not in our name


What are we to think?

Tonight’s Saturday Night film presents another viewpoint of this dilemma. John Pilger,  famous journalist and film maker,  talks about the rise of ISIS and  what to do now.

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