Month: July 2015

Nazi Salute!!!

Some funny stuff about a serious question


HM Elizabeth II was filmed as a child saluting  Nazis – hardly news.

We all knew a lot of the English aristocracy supported Nazi Germany – until it was no longer convenient! In view of the revelation,

tonight’s Saturday Night Film had to be about Hitler’s plans to conquer Ireland.

It’s in several parts -Lie back, enjoy and think of Greece!!

Remember: You are doing it for Ireland!

Hitler accepts the challenge!!

Hitler and Ryanair

Hitler and the Fleg

Hitler deals with Dublin politicians


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‘Earth Angel’ | EXCLUSIVE | Yara Khmidan By Alex Muccilli For Satiety Paper #4 | The Spring Fling 2015



'Earth Angel'. EXCLUSIVE .Yara Khmidan By Alex Muccilli For Satiety Paper #4 . The Spring Fling 2015. Cover 9

Skyrocketing young talent, Yara Khmidan, mesmerizes readers in this gorgeous studio series from photographer Alex Muccilli for Satiety Paper’s spring edition. Yara is a sensual stunner in smoldering, earthy beauty palettes and a tumbling cascade of healthy, flowing locks. She dons an array of frothy and silken neglige with the ease of a second skin; and exposes the vulnerability of her femininity with comfortable confidence. The sometimes cool/ sometimes warm periwinkles, lavenders and indigos are a serene compliment to Yara’s cinnamon and nutmeg complexion.  The clean composition of the imagery allows the subject to wholly dominate the focus of each frame, without competition. Reminiscent of the classic Victoria’s Secret boudoir shoots from iconic photographer Russell James; this set is pretty enough for hanging as a focal point in large, luxurious prints. Enjoy!


Photographer: Alex Muccilli
Makeup Artist: William Bob Scott
Stylist: May…

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Questioning The Media Myth Of The Moderate Orange Order

And the beat goes on………………….


British terrorists pose with an L1A1 Self-Loading Rifle, two Webley Mk IV Service Revolvers, a home-made Sterling submachine gun British terrorists pose with an L1A1 Self-Loading Rifle, two Webley Mk IV Service Revolvers, a home-made Sterling submachine gun

Another July 12th round of rioting, street disturbances, house-burnings and general displays of sectarianism, racism and straight-forward fascism. Of course some people will protest that such incidences are in the minority, and make the news headlines precisely because of their relative rarity. The vast majority of events around the “Twelfth”, they argue, pass off without violence or confrontation (beyond a few bellicose speeches and hangovers in various fields and housing estates). Most of those who wear the sash of the Grand Orange Lodge Of Ireland, more commonly the Orange Order, are law-abiding people, most of their parades are peaceful, and most of the British and unionist bonfire-burnings or street-celebrations in the north of the country are free of inter-communal trouble. However, one is tempted to ask: so what?

The vast majority of those in the Ku Klux Klan obey the laws of…

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Divided- Life in Northern Ireland

All true…..
Prods wear blue
Micks wear Green or Purple
Just going to school……………. at maybe aged four

tales of a typical teen

‘An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind’

As many of you know, I come from a small country in Britain known as Northern Ireland- I tell you this, because many of my readers are from other countries and may not be aware of the political situation in Northern Ireland.

Throughout my life, my parents lives and their parents lives, Northern Ireland has been a divided country- one that is split into 2 main religions- protestants and catholics. Majority of people in my country (including myself) attend segregated schools throughout our lives, as well as separate churches/chapels, and celebrating different events (st.paddys, 12th of July etc). Some towns are almost fully considered ‘protestant’ or ‘catholic’ or different areas within these towns, which dare not mix, and sadly murder, bombs and shootings are almost guaranteed on a weekly basis- the only thing that varies is where they take place…

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