Bap’s Rap – James. G. Brown

Jimmy Brown or Steve McClown
Used to see him around town
Starred in Jesus Christ Superstar
In his dreams, he’s a star
Been to Broadway was in West Side Story
No sorry, that’s another story

Been confused
The town was wrong
Broadway Ballymena
You got half a crown
Wanna buy a bottle of Silver Crown
Too expensive, cut pretencions
Drawbridge will do just fine , for the time.

Served the Queen
In the Armed Forces
Quick to learn, he got promoted
Helicopter pilot, no doubt about it
Parachute jumper, off  his bonkers
The US special forces looked him up,
Couldn’t find him
They gave up………………

Went touring, or just whoring
Dunno, I give up
Played lead guitar for Buddy Holly
It’s a pity, wasted talent
A star when he was only five
Buddy was dead, didn’t survive.
Wasn’t alive

He thought he looked like Bob Dylan
Got his guitar from the bed
He took the part, became a minstrel
On the dole, strumming and drummng
Harmonica player
With Hogey Carmichael

When time allowed
He went fishing
Caught a pike, a sixteen pounder
Had a photo in the paper
No, mistaken
That was Carrots,will talk later


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