Month: May 2015

dandelion seeds

Dandelion seeds

Open your heart
Open your hand
Look at your palm
There’s no weeds
Just seeds

Blow softly into it
With gentle calm
Immagine clouds
Imagine a breeze
No needs

Freeeze your thoughts
Feel your tensions relieved
Mind relaxed
Contentment arised
No weeds




Pat Finucane, The Assaination Of An Irish Lawyer By British Terrorists



Pat Finucane Irish human rights lawyer assassinated by British state-sponsored terrorists A memorial to Pat Finucane, the Irish human rights lawyer assassinated by British state-sponsored terrorists in the Occupied North of Ireland, 1989

More on the slow unravelling of the secrecy and deception which obscured most aspects of Britain’s counter-insurgency war in Ireland from the late 1960s to early 2000s. The family of Pat Finucane, the Irish lawyer assassinated in 1989 by gunmen from the UDA-UFF (the largest British terrorist faction in the country), is bringing a case to the courts in Belfast demanding a review of the decision by the UK authorities not to carry out a full investigation into his killing. From the Guardian newspaper in London:

“The murder of Belfast lawyer Pat Finucane was part of British state policy to infiltrate, manipulate and direct terror groups during the Northern Ireland Troubles, Belfast high court has heard.

Paramilitary organisations such as the Ulster Defence Association which murdered the solicitor were able to carry out “extrajudicial executions”…

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The Shankill Road Defenders in concert

Hope, speranza
The loyalist and republican flute bands consider getting together to play

Áine Carson


SO I grew a set of balls and went to hear the Shankill Road Defenders last night. Invited by my new buddies in Beyond Skin, they were running the event ‘Unite Against Hate’. It involved musicians from around the world playing popular tunes alongside a flute band.

The aim was to challenge the stereotype of Loyalist Flute Bands being racist knuckle draggers. To show the public that they may play instruments that are off putting to some but able to play these instruments in a non-threatening way.

As I’m partial to a toot on the flute myself, I was looking forward to going. I coaxed our Ruairi into coming too. He didn’t even need talked into it. He’s a skilled drummer for the O’Neill Allsopp Memorial Flute Band and a secret fan of the twelfth TV coverage.

The Spectrum Centre stage was set up like an orchestra, complete with a…

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