Ladies and gentlemen Miss………….

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Light My Fire (Written by The Doors)

Released 1970 on the album Something. This album has been re-released digitally remastered on CD and this song is available on other CD collections too.

Shirley Bassey has given many great live performances of this song in shows and at concerts, for example on the Stately Homes Tour 2001 and Thank you for the Years Tour 2003. Shirley’s rendition at the 2002 Safeway Picnic in the Park was ‘so erotically charged it made Will Young sound like an android’.

Several hip-hop style remixes were released in 1999 on the remix-maxi single Shirley Bassey Meets Booster – Light My Fire. A new remix of the old recording by Kenny ‘Dope’ Gonzalez has been released in 2000 the single Where Do I Begin and The Remix Album…Diamonds Are Forever contains the same remix by Kenny ‘Dope’ plus another remix of this song by Twelftree.

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