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So over here in the UK, everybody has gone bat-shit crazy over William and Kate Middleton getting married. I kind of missed the Royal wedding myself I’m actually quite ashamed to admit, I was in bed until 4pm with a stinking hangover (kind of regret that now)

Anyway this is just a tenuous link to what I actually am going to blather about in this post – the side of the British Royals that isn’t often talked about, the Kings and Queens that were (alleged to be) homosexual.

There are generally seven British monarchs that are believed by (at least some) credible historians to be gay (one of which is definite), but which is your favourite, all are interesting in their own way (except perhaps death-by-gout-such-an-unglamourous-way-to-die Queen Anne) :

King William Rufus (1087 – 1110)

Son of William the Conqueror, and openly gay. William Rufus was not a popular king. He is…

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