Dirty water everywhere ? A leak

Genoa Water Works


genoa water works


And not a drop to drink

Water (Unexpected ?)


Work ( Volunteers)


A Leak

Government Missing




  1. are you in the genoa area? is your house affected? Sincerely hope you and yours are in no danger or are not suffering loss of homes and cars.
    I feel so sorry for allt hose people –
    Government missing – hardly surprising with the EU-wide neo-con consensus of shrinking the state!!
    looks Just as bad as the flooding in Somerset, England last winter


    1. For my self evenything OK, moved to another area in Genova where the rain was coming down in buckets, but no damage here in Pegli (lovely place) a litte town with it’s own identity in Genoa City. The floods are always in the same area, money’s there but not used (legal squabbles, politics ecc..). Shut the gate after the cattle have gone ……Apart from the damage, the deaths of people. The house I did for my son Friday flooded, cleaned up himself, Saturday flooded again., Tomorrow he’s heading for the North Sea for work, maybe drier there
      Bye for now and thanks
      Here’s a video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKaaIv6D_Y8 same place as 2011 (6 deaths)


  2. sorry to hear about your son’s house. hope there’s some insurance money or compensation coming in for him. Best wishes to him on his stint on the North Sea – not easy working conditions even in high summer – but scotland’s a nice place to be in


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