Ian Paisley 1926-2014

And the beat goes on and on and on
The beat goes on


Ian+Paisley+at+an+Ulster+Says+No+rally+in+Ballymoney+1986+ Ian Paisley, former DUP leader, in the beret of the Ulster Resistance terror grouping he founded in the mid-1980s

There is an Irish tradition that if you have nothing good to say of the dead then say nothing. That is what springs to mind in relation to the passing of the self-declared reverend Ian Paisley, probably the most iconic leader of British Unionism in Ireland in the latter half of the twentieth century. If Edward Carson was the politician who heralded in the partition of this island nation and the retreat of the British colony to its north-eastern redoubt then Ian Paisley is the politician who has heralded in the final days of that territorial division and of the northern Pale itself. Some good came of his later career, however inadvertently, and he paid the price for that amongst party and congregation. So I will leave stand what I wrote of Paisley’s early years while remembering that we are…

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