Hammersmith 1979


Van  played three nights at the Hammesrmith Odoen, went to all 3 shows.

Met a few people from Ballymena,Roy Lewis, Banger  Hill? Princess Street, Billy O’Neill, Gerry McNeilly, Moat Road

Remember Kitty Kassoon vocals. gotta find the song

In the meantime this was one of them

You Make Me Feel So Free (1979) ♪

Montreux Svizzera Jazz Festival


Horn Section: Pee Wee Willis smoking weed, and the guys looks, throat he says in looks, he put it out.

About 1:35 nel video, they laught and smile.

Spare Me A Little Of Your Love

<iframe width=”854″ height=”510″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/XAHj5oILws4″ frameborder=”0″

Still London Frank and Van

Dead Girls of London


Will find Kitty later



Here’s something by Kitty

She is a vocalist that sings like a sacred bird.
She is found with Eric Clapton, Roger Waters, Pink Floyd, Van Morrison and others, however she never stood out herself like a single singer …
Here she sings the backing vocals in “Wonderful Tonight”
(With Eric Clapton)… UNFORGETTABLE!!!. …


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