Instant Guitar

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread

Bought a guitar, donno how to play a guitar, I’ll learn
But the lizard brain wants an Instant Thrill.


Tuned it with an auto tuner

Saw this video on the song I’d like to play at this minute (immediately)
“On the road again” Willie Nelson

Marty Schwartz – A witty nice guy

Back to the drawing board
Step 1
Went some where else and found an E Major instruction here

Got it
Hard work

What shall I do, chuck it in the bin




Some pleasant hard work ahead.
PIANO Piano piano,SLOW Slow slow


One comment

  1. your teacher makes it look easy – it’s not!! Keep pluggin away as he said Could never play guitar myself – am sorta left handed – played it upside down – didn’t get past lesson 1 Hope you get up to lesson 10 at least


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