Kim Jong-il – The Coolest Movie Villain Ever


Don Charisma

Trolls always remind me of the “I’m So Ronery” song from “Team America – World Police” … which leads me nicely to this post, thank you dear trolls, you’re a consistant source of inspiration and amusement to me 😀

I first saw “Team America – World Police” at Somerset House in London, UK, few years ago.

My girlfriend at the time had booked tickets for us to see, as I remember, a double feature – “Master and Commander” followed by “Team America – World Police”. With a short indie animation in the middle to break things up.

It’s an open air cinema in the heart of London, just off of Aldwych and Strand. It soon transpired that it was going to be expensive paying £5/$8 for a glass of wine, so we slipped out to the local supermarket. We managed to get a couple of boxes of wine, 3 litres each. By the time Master…

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