It’s a New Day

Going through something similar, Bereavment, but lots of things in common

Musings From a Ragged Soul

I did it. I moved out. I’m getting a divorce. The ring is removed, though the indent remains. I’m sorry I have been so quiet the last few weeks. A lot has been on my mind. I didn’t come to this decision lightly…some of you may remember I almost left a few months ago. At the time, one of my favorite bloggers urged me to follow my heart, and to follow love. Thank you <3. That’s exactly what I’m doing. I realized many things over the last year. My episode changed me. It rattled me. It shook me to my core. It made me realize what matters, and what matters is my heart. My husband had grown to fear me – and my sanity. If I laughed too much, he questioned it. If I stood out in the rain to enjoy the fresh air, he’d pull me back inside…

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