Strange things scottish people say

Ulster Scots is worse (worser)

Scomerican Tales - An American Girl in Scotland

I’ve been meaning to write this list for ages and AGES.   Unfortunately, quite a few times I’ve sat down to write and when I tried to think of funny or strange sayings, I couldn’t think of anything!  It seems that after four years of living here, I’ve just gotten used to all the odd things people say every day.  I just don’t notice them anymore!  Thankfully a friend of mine and I were laughing about scottish sayings the other day and I got a bunch of good ideas!  So, without further ado…funny things scottish people say!  For a blog that’s supposed to be about my life living in Scotland, it’s about damn time.

(Also, I realize that one or two of these things might be things that British people in general say, but, well, I live in Scotland.  So I really can’t say if they’re used other places.  To…

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