Chat Addiction

recent_press_hm_thumb-150x150[1]The thought may make many people cringe, but like alcoholics, just one drink opens a can of worms, and just one superfluous text and the avalanche begins.

Chat, chat and more chat, the world is full of electronic chat, cell phones and computer. People spend hours and hours sharing everything from the simplest activity to the deepest secret. The need for chat overwhelms some people, and they find themselves caught up in the addiction of chat. Slowly life revolves around chat with every waking moment possible focused on the next text or chat.

Sounds crazy to some people and to others chat is an important activity of life. The following seven signs of chat addiction can help you examine your need for chat and the time spent on online or texting. Life is full of choices, but have you chosen to spend your life caught in the stream of electronic communication?

1. You laugh by saying LOL instead of actual laughter. Think this cannot happen, well, people have confessed to actually saying LOL because they spend so much time electronically chatting.

2. Your spelling looks like a stenographer’s pad filled with gr8, imho, rflmao, u2 and a thousand other shortcuts.

3. You can’t remember the last time you sat with a friend and had a voice chat, but you have spent the last three weeks online or on your cell phone texting to a multitude of friends and friends of friends.

4. You know more about your favorite stars, and their daily activities via twitter and other online chat than you know about your family and friends. These people have more influence than your family and friends on acceptable social behavior and actions.

5. Your computer is never logged off or your cell phone is never more than a few inches away and always on, “just in case.” You constantly pick up your phone certain the signal malfunctioned.

6. You go to dinner with a friend or family, but spend the entire meal texting someone back and forth. Somehow the enjoyment of the moment is lost amid the random thoughts shared back and forth. You cannot switch off your cell phone for fear you will miss an important text, or you sit at the table distracted because you wonder what you are missing not being online.

7. You answer random or misdirected texts to strangers because you cannot resist having a conversation, any conversation that comes your way. You are chat compulsive, and the thought of letting this text or any Internet chat unanswered makes you antsy.

Chat addiction is an addiction when the need for chat is greater than any other activity in your life. Sure you went to the movie, but you spent the entire time texting about the movie, your thoughts, or whatever comes to mind. Somehow, the total experience is lost as focus is on that tiny screen in front of you.

Many people addicted to chat have also let their lives go on hold as they get their daily fix. One has to be concerned if a person is online more hours than offline with family and life. Sometimes the best way to conquer this addiction is to stop chat except for family emergencies or work-related. The thought may make many people cringe, but like alcoholics, just one drink opens a can of worms, and just one superfluous text and the avalanche begins.

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