“Missing Loved Ones” – Don Charisma’s Opinion

I lost my wife 17 April 2014, never anything diagnosed until 4 February 2014, first hope things would get better, maye viral, then the verdict TERMINAL. Passed 40 or more days just waiting waiting waiting for her to die,her suffering,her courage,her helplessness. Then death. We loved,argued…ecc usual in a couple 35 years together. Never knew Grief like this before having lost many loved ones before. DOLORE,PAIN,HURT. Without her……………….

Don Charisma

I remember many many moons ago seeing a title of “Missing kids” … My brain works incredibly slowly sometimes, I thought it was about say parents who’d been separated from the children for some reason. On closer inspection, it was about kids that had gone missing. This post ISN’T about loved ones who have gone missing.

So I’m sorry for the misleading title, perhaps someone can suggest a better one.

What I’m talking about is our loved one that are no longer with us, perhaps they’ve passed away or sometimes it’s because of a relationship breakdown.

Grief is never something that’s “easy” to process, it simply hurts to become separated from someone we care about. We miss the way that they smiled, the way they talked, laughed, even argued with us. It simply hurts to know that we’ll never see them again.

I posted recently about “thinking too much”, and…

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