Phoenix Rising – The Fenian Flame

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phoenix rising

This series of posts was inspired by HTTP://ANSIONNACHFIONN.COM/2014/04/22/THE-FENIAN-FLAME/

I started wondering
What is the Fenian Flame?
Who are unrepentant Fenian bastards?”
So here we go!

What was Fenianism?
Fenianism was the spirit of the Irish nation, that line of Republicanism which for seven generations has been the vehicle of radical protest against exploitation and oppression in Ireland.
phoenix 3
In the era of the French Revolution Republicanism was the United Irishmen. In 1848 it was the Young Irelanders, in 1867 the Irish Republican Brotherhood, popularly known as the Fenians.

What was the Fenian Movement?
british empire.
British Government:
Fenians were perceived as yesterday’s al-Qaida by the authorities and the majority of press and public.
They were assassins, insurgents, bandits, irregulars, pirates, murderers, tribal militia, guerrillas, terrorists
They were the great modern transnational internal threat in the British Empire in the second half of the 19th century.
Erin go bragh
Fenians were socially-radical, secular republican…

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One comment

  1. Thanks for the re-blog John. hope you will like the following posts in the series. not easy work i can tell you but we should never be afraid to ask questions.
    In my view if we don’t understand the roots of what went on in the past, we have no hope of solving the problems of the present.
    And too many people on both sides just have too many mistaken pre-conceptions which lead to prejudice and misunderstandings due to poor information,


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