A Fairy Tale

Maybe things will get better

I ciciu del Villar – Dronero

The Family


I ” ciciu ” were formed presumably at the end of the last ice age , following the melting of the glaciers that brought the creek Faussimagna ( left tributary of the river Maira ) to overflows , eroding the slopes of Mount St. Bernard and carrying a downstream ‘ huge mass of debris. This led to the formation of an alluvial fan consists of a reddish soil , rich in ferrous substances , which constitutes the stems of the mushrooms current erosion . Later, presumably due to landslides and earthquakes, rolled several downstream boulders broke away from Mount St. Bernard : stones of a darker color , that covered the floodplain . Gradually the Fanssimagna he was also dark stones , until, as a result of violent tectonic movements occurred during the late Pleistocene , the ground underwent a sudden rise , and the river he found himself sliding further down . He then began to erode the soil , bringing to light the stones that had covered , and must be rounded by smoothing gradually . Similarly, the land came under the erosive action of atmospheric agents , but as the ground of inconsistent side of the mountain was taken away easily , the stones They provided a kind of “protection” to the columns of the underlying land , as if they were repairing umbrellas . The result is what we see even now, with the boulders supported by columns of soil: the fairy chimneys .




The erosive action does not stop even in our day continues to take place , due to the rains and streams that are formed after them , but at a slower rate . However it sometimes happens that the soil column that supports a boulder , by erosion , becomes too thin : in this case the ” ciciu ” is destroyed, and the boulder ruin to the ground , exposing the stem to accelerated erosion , and protecting from being washed away a new piece of land ( thus placing a situation conducive to the creation of a new ciciu , even if the times are obviously very long ) .

The study carried out in 2000 and then highlighting the presence of at least two different generations of columns of erosion : the ” ciciu ” would then formed into at least two distinct evolutionary phases .




Photo Source :<a href=”http://circolofotograficoamt.blogspot.it/2014/02/bruno-i-ciciu-del-villar-dronero-merita.html”>Bruno : I ciciu del Villar – Dronero, merita di essere visitato.</a>

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