Off the drink – On the drink

On 20 Sep 2013, at 14:38,  a friend of mine wrote to me this to me ””:

Love to all.

Still off the dring since 11 July couldn’t wait till the twelth of july

Wrote this to a doctor in Canada

My doctor at a clinical for people with addiction problems diagnosided that I was using alcohol for my anxiety which caused more anxiety and suggested a recovery in a safe sorrounding (Recovero Protetto). Though about it a while but nearly immediately decided to try it. I had a bit on apprension in that in my own mind i wanted to still dring moderately in the future (beacause I liked drinking and could’nt imagine by life without it).
He explained me that the only way out was total abstinence.

Had fears of detoxing because the fear of the physical aspects of withdrawul having done it defore on my own a few times before.

Reached hospital very nervous and emotional (shakes and whatalll)

Did a voluntary detox detween 11 July to 03 August this year at a hospital  in Pavia Italy lets say 5gg physical (valium 240 drops per day down to zero after 10 days) and 15gg psiclogical which consisted in group therapy (about 8 persons).

Decided before dismission to start on antiabuse and still taking it.

Got back to work immediately and I am contiuning to take Antiabuse and not drink.

Problem. Sleep badly at night (at the end I’m taking 10 drops Valium before bedtime) and physical tiredness during the day.
Got also prescribed Acomprasato (CAMPRAL) but still haven’t used it.

Sufffering according to myself from some PAWS symptoms.

Got no long terms plans just 24 hours at the time (NO AA thanks, I am not powerless).

My problem is:
Strangely up to now I no wish to dring alcohol and have no cravings and I can’t understand the why of the matter.

Got any advice.

And he have me this answer 

Hello David,

Thank you for sharing your story.

There may be a few reasons why you’re not craving.

First, you’re on Antabuse, and that has been shown to reduce cravings.

Second, maybe you’re more motivated for recovery.

My advice would be enjoy your good fortune.


Best wishes,

Dr S Melemis

To dull the pain

His wife asked him to bring 2 trays of little buns to the hospital the Saturday 9th Marzo

Brought 2 trays 30 buns/pastry in each tray.

She looked at me and said I’ll eat them when I come home, take them home……………….

I had a Beer……………….

So long





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