Blog to “dull the pain”

I feel like a bastard

😕 😕


There are times when you don’t know how to help.
You can’t take away the pain.
You can’t take away the frustration.
All you can do is be there, and it’s a very helpless feeling.

Sadness not Worry

I feel  sadness as I watch the  struggle with cancer, not worrying about the future,the future has still to come, live the present moment.

 Anticipatory grief

Lots of grief before the loss of your loved one even before she dies. This is anticipatory grief. It’s normal to feel sad about the changes you are going through and the losses you are going to have. You may have expected your life with your friend or family member to be different than what you are going through. Feeling sad over what might have been or what is to come is expected. It’s normal for you to have grief over the future loss of your loved one and all the changes involved.

But grieving doesn’t mean that you have to feel a certain way. Everyone is different. Everyone  grieves in your their own way and time. I blog to “dull the pain


I Understand that these feelings are normal.  Although it can come and go in intensity, grief can last for a long long long time or maybe disappear tomorrow.

We’ve got to “Pick up the pieces”


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