The Auld Fair Hill – Space Invaders

Can people from Ballymena be considered Irish ?

Maybe they are from outer space ?

I’m from there

I’m spaced out but not from outer space

Here’s an interview with bit of craic (Irish Ballymena)

The Auld Fair Hill

Or another

BSN TV Channel – AA Taxis Ballymena hilarious advert

AA TAXIS have dropped all surcharges , even for scousers , gingers , chelski fans and one other thing , there is def no drinking driving going on at AA as the word on the street was apparantly saying other wise …… in the lead up to christmas , AA TAXIS are very much willing to cut all surcharges and offer all town runs at £3 .
with no drink drivers either .

Gud man yerself

Too funny to be left out

Ballymena Woman Rings ‘Vets’ & leaves Voicemail – Muffin

Ballymena people are very very Irish (even if they don’t let on)


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