Il presunto esodo dal Movimento


(Tommaso Merlo) – I sondaggi danno per certo che siano milioni e milioni i delusi in fuga dal Movimento 5 Stelle. Un mistero colossale quanto inedito. Non si capisce infatti quali siano le ragioni di tale presunto esodo di massa. In attesa di vedere cosa diranno le urne, si può solo azzardare qualche ipotesi. Potrebbe trattarsi di elettori che:

  1. Hanno confuso il Movimento col Padreterno e si aspettavano miracoli. Pensavano che dopo anni di marciume, un paese come l’Italia potesse risorgere in un annetto scarso, col Movimento al governo con altri e in piena crisi.
  2. Considerano il Movimento un partito come un altro. E cioé, non fautore di un lungo e duro lavoro di ricostruzione e cambiamento, ma che avrebbe garantito di colpo una vita migliore mentre loro se ne stavano seduti comodi sul divano.
  3. Hanno la memoria dei pesci rossi. Sono stati governati per decenni da delinquenti di ogni…

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The last Irish bard


We, the people, inhabiting this north Atlantic Archipelago,

sit and await the UK Government’s pleasure in deciding what our futures will be

(Brexit Deal/No Deal/ Revocation)?

As PM May “jets off ” to meet President Macron and Chancellor Merkel and beg for a stay of England’s

self-constructed and self-administered Brexit axe

Meanwhile,   let’s relax and enjoy a concert.
It’s been a long time since we’ve had one!
So here’s the music of Ireland’s last bard,  said to be Ireland’s greatest composer

Toirdhealbhach Ó Cearbhalláin  (Turlough O’Carolan)

Risultati immagini per turlough o' carolan, ireland's last bard

He spent his life travelling back and forth between Ireland and Scotland

playing and composing for the great and good!

He was born in 1670 and died in 1738.
Son of a blacksmith, he was a blind Gaelic harper, composer, and singer whose great fame is due to his gift for melodic composition.

His life overlapped with other  great European  composers: JS Bach, organist…

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Four Brexit Votes: UK Parliament Says No To Everything, Yes To Nothing


Following another night of parliamentary chaos in London I’m reminded of the (apocryphal) demand by King Henry II of England, complaining about his legal and political troubles with Thomas Becket, the Archbishop of Canterbury, in 1170: “Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest?”. Or as the peoples of Europe might be thinking right now, “Will no one rid us of these turbulent Brits?”.

Faced with four motions to help the United Kingdom extricate itself from its self-made Brexit mess the House of Commons opted instead to choose none of the suggestions as party factions and cross-party factions rallied around their favoured amendments in a circus of legislative buffoonery. No side won, no proposal got through with majority backing and the whole event became an exercise in futility. In the end pretty much the only consistent thing in the Palace of Westminster was the stubborn refusal of the Democratic…

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Whatever Happens, The DUP And Brexit Has Made A Reunited Ireland Inevitable

desperately hoping to un-pull a pulled trigger


It’s been a remarkable seventy-two hours for the Democratic Unionist Party. Its leaders have gone from being fêted as the “guardians of the union” by the ideological hard-right in the United Kingdom, revelling in two years of unprecedented influence over the elected Conservative Party government in London, to being decried by those self-same voices as traitors to the Brexit aspirations of the UK. Or at least, the real UK and not that bedraggled rump of its Medieval colony across the Irish Sea. Here is the staunch Brexiteer journalist and DUP critic Leo McKinstry writing in today’s Sun newspaper in Britain:

[The DUP] …is a movement that glories in its unwillingness to compromise and makes a virtue of its grim stubbornness.

But tragically for our nation, these are the qualities that now control the process of Brexit — with disastrous consequences for our hopes of independence from EU rule.


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UK Minister On Theresa May’s Brexit Plans: “Fuck Knows. I’m Past Caring. It’s Like The Living Dead In Here”


Nicholas Watt of the BBC’s Newsnight current affairs show explaining the response of a senior Cabinet minister in Theresa May’s minority Conservative Party government in Britain when questioned about the Prime Minister’s Brexit plans:

“Fuck knows. I’m past caring. It’s like the living dead in here.”

Meanwhile, the full Newsnight episode from the BBC. Watch it while you can, including a declaration by the arch-Brexiteer MP Jacob Rees-Mogg that he will support the Draft Withdrawal Agreement between the United Kingdom and the European Union, even though it will temporarily make the UK a “slave state” of the EU. As the former British minister David Cameron aptly summed up the supporters of Brexit, fruitcakes and loonies…

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Elizabeth Holmes And The Theranos Scandal


Featured below is a highly critical look at Theranos, the controversial health technology company eulogised by the denizens of Silicon Valley, and its youthful founder, Elizabeth Holmes, published by the YouTube channel ColdFusion. The scandal ensuing from the rise and fall of the Californian business, which essentially existed in a financial bubble based upon its theoretical or predicted value rather than any income it was accruing through its own products or services (some $10 billion at its height), is emblematic in many ways of the culture of the American tech-entrepreneur class. Though in this case it is coupled with hefty doses of deliberate fraud and deceit on behalf of Holmes and her acolytes.

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UK Minister Karen Bradley: Irish Killings By British Forces Were “Not Crimes”


With the political and press establishment in the United Kingdom racketing up its protests against any attempt by the regional authorities in the Six Counties to bring members of the UK’s military, paramilitary and intelligence services to court for their crimes during the British “dirty war” on this side of the Irish Sea, here is Karen Bradley, London’s absentee Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, answering a question from a parliamentary committee in Westminster:

Emma Little Pengelly, DUP MP: Well over 90% of the murders and injuries caused during the Troubles in Northern Ireland were caused by acts of terrorism. Very few prosecutions and investigations are underway, innocent victims are being left behind with thousands of unsolved cases. When is the Secretary of State going to address this issue and put in place a mechanism to investigate the over 90% of acts of terrorism that caused those murder?


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The British Press And The Meaning Of The “Hated Irish Backstop”


I strongly suspect that for some news publications in Britain, when it comes to Ireland and the Irish refusal to allow the British Brexit movement to destroy two decades of peace on this island nation, the term “backstop” in the wording below could be easily left out of their reports:

The Sun: “The PM told Cabinet it was not plausible to pursue the so-called Malthouse Compromise pushing for alternative arrangements to the hated Irish backstop…”

The Express: “In a bid to keep Britain close to the bloc, eurocrats will continue to offer Theresa May the opportunity to closely align with Brussels as an ‘off-the-shelf’ getaway from the hated Irish backstop…”

Politics Home: “The other motion that passed was tabled by Tory backbencher Sir Graham Brady and called for the hated Irish backstop…”

The Daily Mail: “…it is understood any extension to the Brexit deadline could be…

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300 Recruits, Riot Control Experts And 1000 British Police Officers For North Of Ireland


Back on December 19th, when several newspapers in the United Kingdom reported that the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) had been allocated emergency funding to recruit over 300 extra personnel in preparation for the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union, leading members of the country’s Brexit movement dismissed the reports as scaremongering. They alleged that the “story” was another part of “project fear”; an orchestrated campaign to intimidate the British general public into backing the pro-EU Remain argument. Then the authorities in Belfast and London confirmed that the reports were entirely accurate and that along with securing millions of euros in extra funding, the UK paramilitary police force in the north-east of Ireland had decided to maintain several installations along or near the border with the rest of the island that had been previously earmarked for closure or sale as part of the ongoing “peace process dividend”.

When Britain’s…

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